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NRAW_Instagram_T&T_Wachter_ReadingTheWindReading the wind for long range shooting is one of those things that can exhilarate or frustrate. It is a challenge for sure. But I have always loved that challenge. When I am shooting a high power match we are on a range that has flags all over which help the shooter with direction and velocity and you can see instantly any changes. If I am shooting a precision rifle match out in the middle of nowhere I don’t have the luxury of flags that tell me each second something changes. Even then you are giving it your best guess. If you do not have the luxury of flags or wind meters there are some very basic steps to estimate wind speed and direction. Of course you hopefully understand the ballistics of the caliber you are shooting. Sometimes you just need to make a quick judgement to get a shot off. So there is a basic formula you can use to get you in the general area.

This is my final episode of Tips & Tactics. I’ve had 6! I had so much fun doing these videos for the NRA. I hope you enjoyed them as well!

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