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Anette Wachter 30CalGal 2017

Anette Wachter 30CalGal 2017


For the last three years I have been competing and shooting in several disciplines. Well trying to anyway. I should know better. You spread yourself too thin and you can’t be great at all of them. Of course you know I shoot Palma and long range for the US Team and then I got in to 3gun and then Precision Rifle. As much fun as they all are I really need to step back and focus. The costs of all of the travel and ammunition and guns really ads up! Not to mention travel time away from home. My love is long range so I have decided to step away from 3Gun.

To step away from any shooting discipline is not easy. I love the people in every sport. And they mostly do not cross over like I do so I will miss hanging out with them at matches. Although I have noticed that several people from 3gun are transitioning over to precision rifle. Once you give it a try you become addicted! Precision rifle matches are similar to 3gun in that they are timed stages with obstacles but all at long distances. There is quite a difference hearing a steel plate ping at 900 plus yards rather than just 15 yards away. I started in long rifles. I love everything long rifle so that is where I will focus. So it will be Palma and Precision Rifle that you will see me at. The NW is now a mecca for Precision matches and has its own points League. For 3gun I found I had to head to the east coast all of the time since that is where it is heavily popular and the bigger matches are in that area. Now I can mostly stay on the west coast which makes life easier and less stressful. I am a domestic person at heart and I love to be home.

I have had wonderful sponsors in the 3gun arena so I will miss them and thank them for their support. But several cross over to the long range so I am not missing all of them. 2017 is already filling up with exciting adventures to come. I am busy planning my match schedule, have new retail customers for my jewelry line which is keeping me busy and some tv show possibilities. 2016 was, shall I say, an interesting and challenging year. But great things have happened and doors have opened because of it. A “re-focus” in all areas of my life. As Martha Stewart says, “It’s A Good Thing”.

Photo of me was taken by David Thoreson of Tracer-X Photography. See you all at ShotShow 2017!!


My awesome sponsors – ESS Eye Pro, Gemtech, Rainier Arms/HHPrecision/Killer Innovations Nosler

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  1. jack

    Good luck this year. It is sometimes best to concentrate on what makes you the happiest.
    My wife loves the jewelry you made and I bought for her.


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