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Official Brownell's Ladies 3 Gun logo

Official Brownell’s Ladies 3 Gun logo

Back at Shot Show last January I was told by my friend Lisa Marie that she, with the help of Brownells, would be directing a first ever all women’s national 3 Gun Competition. A ProAm that invites the professional women shooters and amateurs alike to create an environment that is un-intimidating to women who want to get in to the sport. I am not kidding when I say a “plethora” of sponsors have stepped forward for this match. I think there is about $150,000 plus in goodies and prizes. I think they knew that women are taking over the shooting world and this will bring in tons of publicity. There will be national news sources present. I am honored to have a Pro spot by ESS Eyepro. The official web site has had a daily countdown for the last 9 months and we are down to our last few days and hours. Friday Oct. 31st starts the much anticipated two day event. Two days prior to the match are 3 Gun clinics coached by Kay Miculek, supermom of the super Miculek family. I have to say I have never witnessed such enthusiasm for a match in my life. Many of these women have never shot any match before.Private FB groups were created a couple of months ago for each

Becky Yackley Photography

Becky Yackley Photography

squad and the event in general so women could talk to each other other about proper gear, clothing, parties, costumes (there will be a costume party on Friday since it is Halloween) and more. This last week the banter was exploding.

About 100 women are coming from all over the country to participate.  I even ran in to two other gals from Washington at the airport this morning. I had no idea there were other Washingtonians going. We gave each other away from our gun cases. One of the gals Susan saw my case and said, “You wouldn’t happen to be going to GA would you?”. Turns out this is the first 3 gun match for them. They coordinated all of their gear and will share everything for the week. Clever idea since they only had 2 pieces of luggage between the two of them. I on the other hand had two just for me. I was quite surprised my case and suitcase made it under weight. Many of the women from that part of the country are driving in and have offered every spare thing they could offer to those flying. I took up Janna Reeves on her offer of soft gun cases so I would not have to stuff mine in the luggage. I’d rather use the space for clothes! And shoes. We do have nights out of course. A fun thing fo rme is that my birthday is on Halloween and I get to celebrate with a big party of gals. Many of us will have costumes at the match as well. I will also but very minimal so as not to get in the way of me running around. If it all gets in the way it is being ripped off.

I will update you through the week as much as possible here and on Twitter and FB and Instagram. If you have not followed me on any of those places than look for 30calgal on any of them. You can also follow along with the official FB of the ladies 3 Gun. I look forward to spending the week with women and guns. Many of these gals get to leave the spouses and kids behind and have some much needed girl time. And with guns. What husband could argue with that?


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