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I am excited to start a monthly blog series for GunUp The Magazine about shooting fitness. Many of the action shooting sports require fast and controlled movements as well as strength. The need for strength especially holds true for women. I often get asked what I do to get in shape so I thought this would be a great topic to share some of the exercises I do. I will be sharing these articles I am writing for here. This one is the first from last month to introduce the series. Enjoy!

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The bi-ceps everyone asks me about.

The bi-ceps everyone asks me about.

The other day I received a flattering email from Gabby of and She asked if I could suggest a workout routine to get her in shape for 3 Gun competition. She called me “the best arms in the industry”. You too would have biceps of steel if you had to self-support a 15 pound rifle for 20 minute strings. Not to mention pulling 40 year old heavy target frames in the pits match after match. But Gabby’s request made me think about the fitness program I have for my prone shooting and especially practical shooting sports.

If you think about it, all of the shooting sports require upper body strength. Women in particular compared to men, lack this. We will have to work a bit harder to achieve this goal. Picture the sport of 3 Gun. You have to support pistol, shotgun and rifle with not only upper body strength but controlled speed. ….

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