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My bright red XSKEL Warne Scope Mount - Return To ZeroStuff happens and there are times when you need to take your rifle apart. You may have to take it apart to travel or if you need to replace parts during a match. You hope that the parts that make up your rifle will all go back together without anything being disturbed. Especially your wind and elevation zeros. I have been reminded of this recently from a couple of experiences and I realized how much I appreciated two products in particular.

The first one is my XSKEL from Warne Scope Mounts. My scope is set in to the ring body and caps. This entire piece is then mounted to the rifle easily with hex nuts and then zeroed. I can then just Photo by Killer Innovations. The Orias Chassisunscrew the whole set, mount and scope attached together, and then when I need it again I screw it back on in the same place. I have been flying to a lot of 3 gun matches recently and I like to take the scope off of my rifle as it is packed in the Pelican case. I carry the scope on the plane with me. When I get to the match I re-attach it to the rifle and off I go. Just because I am programmed this way I still do shoot a few rounds to confirm the zero. (“Always make sure your gear is ready before going in to a match. One less variable.”) I have never been let down. It is perfectly zeroed to where it was. Hence why they call it their Back To Zero capability. Thank you Warne for such a great design. Makes my life easier. The other product I am excited about is one that may surprise you in its ability to re-zero.

I do not even own one of these yet. I will soon. But some of my precision rifle team mates have had the opportunity to test and shoot the new Orias Chassis system by MEGA Arms and Killer Innovations. A joint effort in design and manufacturing, they have developed a patent pending, self-adjusting recoil lug locking system. No bedding required. What??? you say? The concept is amazing. But let’s put it to the test out in the field in the middle of a match that depends on precision shooting. You do not get a chance to take sighter shots. The Orias is not yet out there for sale but will be at any moment I swear.

Here is the story from H&H Precision team mate Kevin Dittoe who has been shooting with The Orias for awhile. This is from his match last weekend.

“As most of my friends know, I have been beta testing the new Mega Arms / Killer Innovations “Orias” chassis system for a few months now. I have been very impressed with the fit, form and function of the chassis and so far in my testing (which has not been gentle) I haven’t found a single flaw or weak point that would negatively affect my performance in a precision rifle competition. Last weekend however, I did find out just how invaluable the self-adjusting recoil lug locking system is in terms of repeatability.

While helping Scott Satterlee of Precision Tactical Solutions teach a precision rifle clinic, I was demonstrating to the students how to engage targets at distance from a non-stable shooting position when my trigger decided to stop working. I was able to remove the barreled action from the chassis, swap out triggers and within minutes I was back on the range. As most experienced shooters know, zero shift usually happens when you remove and reinstall a barreled action in a chassis if it’s not bedded properly. Having to do this in the middle of a match can have a disastrous effect on the ability of the rifle to engage targets at distance. Due to the Orias’ recoil lug locking system, there was no need to re-zero, or even confirm zero. I was able to get back on the rifle engaging targets out to 1400+ yards in minutes without issue.”

Pretty darn cool. Why do I not have my own Orias yet? Well because I get to pick my own color and design for mine. Why yes, 30calgal is spoiled. Worth the wait.



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