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James F. Wachter – 8/13/35 to 9/6/2010

You wait and wait, expecting him to pass. But when it actually happens it is still a shock. You think you have been ready. The hardest part was having to walk out of his room. There is no going back in there to visit him. It is done. A very strange and sad emotion. Mom and Peter (my brother)and his wife Laura and Charles and I were there together. Mom loved a quote from Prince of Tides. She said it was dad.

“Nothing affects as much as a man who lent our lives balance and becomes irreplacable. I forever envy the simplicity of his vision of life, his great heart and quiet conviction and what it was to be a complete, contributing and contented man. He had a love affair with life and is now face to face with his creator. We carry a man like him with us, a memory of a rose in Thr garden of human life. The only word for goodness is goodness, and it is not enough.”

She is right.

I miss you dad.

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