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I leave tomorrow for LA for the final casting. Yea! Today we had a 500 yard match up north at the Machias shooting range. Managed to stay dry enough while out there. Well, I won! I was worried about coming from a 1000 yard range and then shooting at 500 or 600 and tanking. Not that they are any easier but mentally I wanted to clean it. I only dropped one point. I focused hard and treated every shot as though out at a 1000. Something in me has changed. I am out to win every shot I make. I want to own it! So far so good. 🙂 My score is shown at right. I got a 599/600 with a 40X. The cardboard circle in the other photo is called a spotter.

There is a target puller marking scores when you shoot. This white disk is about 3″ in diameter and marks the target exactly where the bullet hits. I can see it through my spotting scope. When my puller came out of the pits he handed it to me signed. Apparently I hit it 4 times in a row and knocked it off the target. So cool.

Wish me luck in LA!

“Shoot Like A Girl” If You Can………”

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