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Where to begin? Monday we looked at 4 huge overweight bags and thought what a nightmare it is going to be to fly to AZ. Why not do a roadtrip? Yes, it is 24 hours in 2 days but we can do it! We need to be there for Wed. practice day.

Monday we left at 12:30 and finally stopped around 10pm at a “motel” at a truck stop. $39 a night and $5 for Kozmo. Too much of a bargain? Thank goodness it was clean and quiet. This morning we hit the road at 6:30am. Drove, drove and drove. Finally in Utah at Bryce Canyon we thought we were making headway. Lesson #1, never trust your Navigation system. I miss the good ol paper maps!

We chose a “straight shot” route. All of a sudden our paved highway ended and we saw a dirt road in front of us that said was 38 miles long. WTF? Straight shot alright. It had us going through a mountain. THe problem was that we were already loopy and thought we would be late anyway. So, why not? A mile up this rutty washed out road we come across a camper coming toward us. Two guys straight out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High stopped to let us ask them, “Does this get us to Phoenix?” “Ummm, Dunno. But this road is 38 miles long.” So we continue. Figured if they did it in a camper we could in the Range Rover. 2 more miles and we stop another truck. Older man in pick-up with trailer holding a horse and a cow. Huh?

Those poor animals getting bounced on that road. Charles again said ” This the way to Phoenix?” OMG! Too funny! He said no way to go any further! He just pulled someone out of some mud up ahead and the road gets worse. Did he pull out the camper I wonder? Did the horse or cow pull them out? So, back we go all the way through Bryce Canyon. Another hour or more behind schedule.

Several hours later we are now in a comfy hotel in Page, AZ. Very cool area of the southern tip of Lake Powell. We had a couple of very welcome beers at a nice Italian place. Apparently we still have 5 more hours tomorrow??!! So tired. Don’t care if we make it to practice. Thursday seems soon enough.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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