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Hopefully my dog will keep these on.

Your dog is not listening to you? Perhaps some more training is in order. But in this case that is good. Charles and I take our pup Kozmo to the range with us. He is usually fine while hanging in the car during the matches but if we park the car too close to the firing line he usually ends up hunkered down on the floor on the driver’s side. Pistols seem to bother him more than rifle or shotgun blasts. I always wondered if there was a product out there for dog ear plugs. I thought of putting regular human ear plugs in but I had a nightmare vision of them getting lost in his ear or him shaking them out and eating them. Well it turns out there is a new product out there. Mutt Muffs!

My friend Andy Tran of Couch Creative Productions, who filmed my 30CalGal TV episode of the Blade-Tech tour, has his own Youtube Channel called Inner Barkwhere he tests products. Using his fabulous and obviously patient pooch “Zip ” as his model he demonstrates in detail his results of Zip’s reactions with and without the Mutt Muffs on. I

My pal Kozmo

am pretty convinced. I will be getting some for Kozmo to try. Now my test will be if Kozmo is as patient as Zip in wearing them.

Enjoy the video! For information and where to order Mutt Muffs for your furry best friend click this link. Mutt Muffs!

Link to video below.


FYI, in checking out Mutt Muff’s website they do a lot of great work with service dogs and military dogs and much more. Pretty awesome company.

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    I had not seen a post by you on my RSS feed for several months.
    So I did a little searching and found this site.
    I cannot find a link to a RSS feed now.
    Do you have one or do you plan on installing one?
    I do not want to do the follow the blog by email thing.

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