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saflogoMy phone has been ringing off the hook since Tuesday. My article I wrote the morning after the elections nearly crashed my website from the traffic it received. America Tonight of Al Jazeera even called me for an interview. Sheesh people, Wa State and this stupid Bill made international news! They want to know what we think will happen to our 2nd Amendment rights in Wa and eventually the country. Now that my initial anger has subsided, a little, we need to understand what is to happen next. What does the law really say and what should we do to not turn our selves in to criminals unintentionally? Let’s not panic. We need to harness this energy we all have to stay engaged and focused. Olympia is basically in a lame duck session and the holidays are upon us and everyone goes home. We (gun rights supporters) have an advantage when the session convenes in January. Wa had a strong Republican win which will help us more in January when the discussions of 594 start. Even so, Olympia has always turned away from gun control issues. They don’t want to touch it. 594 can not be repealed. (for 2 years anyway) But we can hopefully dissect the law and shave away at some rough edges of it. Or, we can expect a lawsuit to be filed shortly that will put a temporary injunction on it as the courts decide whether or not it, or parts of it, are unconstitutional. In my opinion only, Dec 4th likely will not be the last day you can transfer or sell privately without being arrested. We may have some extra time. Regardless, let’s go back to what this law will mean for us.

I wish I could tell you exactly what this law will mean. As I said, the law has many narrow definitions. January will be the time the Legislators and 594 have to hash out the details and clarify things such as “transfers”. It is a mess as it is written now. I have been on the phone for 3 days now with members of CCRKBA, SAF and the West Coast Rep of the NRA learning what the next moves may be and what to expect. To be honest the answers are not definite. Everyone is scrambling. I do expect lawsuits. But of course that will be hush hush until actually filed. Many groups are trying to work together to efficiently deal with this and not cancel each other out. The WAC is working hard with SAF. If you do hear of any other group trying to file lawsuits, I ask you to send them to the SAF instead. These guys have an amazing track record of winning court cases across the country on behalf of Gun Rights. They know what they are doing.

I just cringe at the thought of what these gun control advocates have up their sleeves. It just dawned on me yesterday about another situation that would affect me from this law. We (Charles and I) donated an auction item, “Day At The Range With 30CalGal” at two events last month. The winning bidders spent quite a bit of money on this. Well, a day at the range means that we bring our rifles and teach and let the winners shoot our rifles. Guess what? That would be a criminal act under the law the way it is currently written. Do I want to risk any of us to an over zealous LEO that wants to make an example of us? No. Frankly I don’t have $5000 and I don’t want to spend a year in jail for this act that is an American past time normally. (And that is only for the first offense) I’d have to change my nickname to 30CalGalFelon. We will find out the true colors of 594 in January.

That is the time when 594 is supposed to convince us that they really did not intend to punish us for just sharing/loaning/transferring our guns with friends and family members. If they do not work together to shave off those points then we know their agenda. Complete gun control. (As much as I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt I know that is the only thing they have in mind) It is already in the works to present Olympia with more bills for Gun Storage laws, magazine restrictions and more. I believe, that as in the past, our Wa Legislators will not pass any of those. So expect them (writers of 594) to come back to the voters in 2016. We need to focus our energy right now, especially in January, on contacting our local representatives and sheriffs. Especially the ones that voted for 594. We had about 26 sheriffs against 594 but there are some that supported it. Tell them you are angry. No threats please, let’s be firm but civil.

Apparently there is a huge rally being organized to show our anger over 594 passing. It is scheduled for Dec 13th in Olympia. An amazing 5000 or so people have rsvp’d. How cool is that? BUT! Here is my thought on this. I am in support of a rally. But in December there is no one in Olympia. No one. They are on Christmas vacation. A Saturday in mid December is full of shoppers. The rally will be a waist of energy. Even though 5000 people show up it will be lost. It should be held in January on a weekday when the Capital is full and in session. We can then, calmly and professionally, walk down the halls of our Capital with the 5000 plus participants and let the Members see and hear us directly. Our voices will be heard. If you must do this in December then I hope you still have the momentum to come back and do it again in January when it counts.

We must inundate our sheriffs and legislators with letters. To contact your local representatives we had some instruction from Representative Elizabeth Scott. “You can quickly contact your representatives in one of these ways: email them at this pattern: firstname.lastname@leg.wa.gov (example: Elizabeth.Scott@leg.wa.gov; this works for Reps and Senators both). OR, call the hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and give them your address. They will look you up and then give your voicemail to your 2 State Reps and your Senator. OR, go to www.leg.wa.gov and click on the ‘find your district’ tab on the upper right hand corner. Put your address in and it will bring up the names of your reps. Click on their name to email them! Easy!

Tips: be polite and be brief. Example: My name is —and I’m calling to strongly urge you to repeal 594 because —. That’s it. If you can add an emotional-appeal story of how this affects your family, it’ll get through to the legislators who are not so facts-and-numbers based.”

Washington State Legislature – www.leg.wa.gov
Last but I feel most importantly is to send some financial love to the organizations that will be filing the lawsuits on our behalf. The lawyers and staff of the SAF and CCRKBA have been working around the clock for us. They don’t have deep pockets like Gates and gang. Every penny helps. I have no endorsements from them I am speaking from my heart. They need our support financially. Here is the link if you so wish. SAF.org Thank you everyone and I will keep you in the loop of any updates I hear of.
Who knew when I picked up a gun for the first time in 2005 that 9 years later I would be so active in our gun rights community and the beautiful 2nd Amendment? Oh well. You are stuck with me now. 🙂


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  1. John Endresen

    I have suggested to the ‘Powers that Be” that they have an endorsement on the Drivers License and State ID indicating that a background check has been done and can be renewed when the drivers license is renewed. This would certainly less cumbersome and more efficient than I-594 suggests and would not increase the bureaucracy needed to enforce background checks. A CDL is required to drive a commercial vehicle and has different designations for the different kinds of vehicles. A Firearms “endorsement” could be done the same way without the world knowing what kind or number of firearms you have.

  2. Gearmore

    Thank-you for assisting to lead and guide people, this is and will be imperative.

    This was an ugly win, unfounded IMHO, but still a win. I did hear two-years until a repeal, didn’t know about this, heck of a way to learn. In my words, I do not see how 594 can be “functionally” enforced, as is. This may become an issue. Maybe no one cares.

    The NRA: I do wonder if, where and when they might chime-in on this. I would submit they are fully aware of the entire content of 594 and chose to react as they did on purpose, for good sound reason.

    To conclude I do not believe 594 earned a win from the desire of the majority. It truly was unfounded. I’ve plenty to say but that ship has sailed as my education appears to have fallen upon deaf ears and or deluded minds.

    Again thank-you for you involvement,

    Gary Snyder (Gearmoe)

    Fact trumps Belief

  3. Alphabet Soup

    Thanks for the recap 30calgal. Do you know if anyone has assembled a list of the Sheriffs (both favorable to and opposed to) enforcing I-594? I would like to participate in a campaign to elicit concrete stances from every one that we can ala Colorado and Maryland. I hate the idea of having to hunker down for the next two years!

  4. David

    Why can’t we as civilian gun owners, loaners, sellers and traders not perform these background checks independently via an app that uses the same criteria of the soon to be implemented one?

  5. Les Kniffen

    Gun owners

    Gun Loan Language and Transfer Fee: Owners remember to contact your legislators to get the 594 loan language repaired so that limited loans are legal and to get a cap in the transfer fees.

    Gun registry: Concerning the new gun registry, We as tax payers can’t afford a gun registry. So no budget appropriation for a gun registry budget to DOL, DOL cant do it without a budget appropriation. It may require a specific prohibition.

    Get ready for gun magazine restrictions, a list of so called “assault weapons” bans etc.

    Also, support the Second Amendment Foundation at http://www.saf.org/. They should be good place to coordinate through.
    We need to be hard on legislators. We need to pull together.
    do not let the State Senate pass a budget until 594 is addressed.

  6. Les Kniffen

    I wrote the Thruston County Prosecutors Office for clarification on I-594. I doubt they will respond. I recommend everyone write their respective prosecutors and sheriffs for direction.

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