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I have 2 very big goals to capture. One, I want to be one of 16 members of the USA Palma Team. Every 4 years there is a World Cup held in a different country. In 2011 it will be held in Australia. It is too late for me to try out for this event but my goal is to win a spot for the next one. My other goal is to get my High Master card for the Across The Course category by the end of this summer. I have my High Master for the Long range but not the AR. I have been practicing as much as possible. The problem is, I now also may be participating in the new Top Shot show.

For the Top Shot show I need to practice with every type of pistol, shotgun and rifle I can get my hands on. Bow and arrow also!  I need to especially get a hold of some older rifles like a Garand or a Lever action rifle (like Annie Oakley would shoot). We actually do have an M14 and a Garand on hand but not a Lever action. To do this I need to give up some high power practice and matches to do these other things. I was going to go to a Prone practice this weekend but am now going to do an Action Pistol match instead. I guess I could have worse problems. No complaining right? I get to shoot!

WHEN I make it to Top Shot, the whole thing will be over with by end of April this year. That still leaves plenty of time to shoot Approved high power matches the rest of the year. To end with a high master in August at Camp Perry would be ideal.

“Shoot like a Girl! If you can………..”

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