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Well, I finally got word about the Top Shot show. Sadly, I did not make it. As much as my pride and ego are hurting, deep down I am a bit relieved it did not happen. Apparently there were about 5000 applicants! I am proud that I was one of 50 finalists that went to LA for the final auditions last week. I will say that the auditions were not exactly “fun”.

We were locked up in a small airport hotel. LAX area! Not a lot to do around there. One Subway. If I ever have another sandwich again it will be too soon. When we arrived, the first thing they told us was that we were not allowed to communicate AT ALL with other contestants. Between you and me, we all found a way around that. 🙂 I met most of the others and all were great. But we had to stay around the hotel and wait for appointments. I finally got out for dinner with my sister-in-law a couple of evenings but that was it! I was starting to count the diamond patterns on the carpet in my hotel room.

I know I failed the camera interview with the producers and actually the one on one psychologist interview. For the producers there was a panel of people we had to “talk” with.  They wanted us to be sassy or argumentative back. I will admit I was too quiet for their taste. For the psych interview she smiled and told me I seemed very happy and well adjusted, a great childhood and all around normal person. Ahhh! That apparently was the kiss of death.

I pray this was a blessing in disguise not to get on the show. As we got more information it sounded like it will be VERY “Reality Show” like and the contestants will be made quite miserable. Of course these are all things I need to keep telling myself so I don’t feel sorry for myself or keeping asking myself “Why didn’t they like me?” I will get over it. In fact, I booked a couple of national matches that I would have missed had I been on the show. I will win them like I have the last several matches. Awww. I am feeling better already. Thanks for your support gang.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……….”

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