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Yea! I am here! I arrived last night actually. My flight was easy, the drive from Detroit was easy. Checked in to my hotel. Everything has been so smooth I hope that is a sign for the week ahead. Although, it is really hot and tomorrow and Sunday may have some storms, I am prepared. This morning when I was checking in to get my credentials on base I was immediately swarmed by mosquitoes. EEK! They love me too much. I have lots of bug spray. They are not going to get me this time. I have tons of sunscreen and a great wide floppy hat, rain gear, etc. I picked up my gear from Bud today. He drove mine and some other’s shooting stuff out here. I have rifle put back together and cart packed. READY!

Port Clinton is a tiny yet very charming coastal (fresh water) town. Right at bottom edge of Lake Eerie. Nationals is a big deal every year at this time and brings a lot of money to the town. They even decorate their yards for us. (Notice shooting flamingos in photo) Great garden art!! I would say my only complaint is the food. Not a lot of choices and the one “great” seafood joint that all the locals go to deep fries everything. I had dinner there last night and had perch and shrimp. My platter came out with the deep fried perch, shrimp, onion rings and dinner roll. A very beige plate! I will say it was tasty but enough food for 3 people. Not to mention enough oil. Only $10. One nice thing is there is not a Starbucks to be found. I finally found a local coffee shop on a side street in town. My triple americano was only $2!!!! At home it is usually around $3.50. The locals here are super friendly. No, I won’t be moving here anytime soon. I could not deal with the weather. But I love the laid back feeling.

Tomorrow at 8am is roll call at the Vaile Range, 1000 yard,  target #82 and I am 4th relay. Sunday will be 1st relay, Monday is 2nd. Then the team matches Tuesday and Wed. Oh boy! Here we go!!!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”

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