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“This year I will narrow down my match schedule so I am not booked every single weekend in my summer.” Yea right. What was I thinking since I have added 3 Gun to my list of activities? But I went to Shot Show in January with the goal to get involved more with 3 Gun and my blogging and sponsorship. Be careful what you wish for right?

Match schedule is as follows:

May 18-20 – Wa St Palma Championship, Richland, WA
May 26-28 – Oregon Burden Memorial Long Range
June 2-3 – Wa St High Power Championship
June 7-9 – 3 Gun Ironman, Parma, Idaho
June 16 – Local 600 yard match. ONE WEEKEND AT HOME!
June 22-25 – Gun Girl’s weekend (Women in gun industry) Missouri
June 30 -7/1 – Paul Bunyan Regional High Power and Mid Range Championship
July 13-15 – NW Multi Gun (3 Gun Nation tour) Bend, OR
July 26-30 – British Columbia Rifle Championship
Aug 10 – 15 – Camp Perry Long Range Nationals, Ohio
Aug 21-25 long awaited annual vacation to our favorite local lake resort
Aug 26-27 – Speaking at Women’s Empowerment Seminar, Ohio
Sept 1-3 – NW International Rifle Championship
Sept – Oct – more 3 gun matches tbd

In writing this down I notice I have 2 weekends the whole summer we are at home. But there are always local matches to keep up practice. I may complain here and there that I feel too busy or tired. But I would never trade this time of my life for anything. I am having a ton of fun and experiences I will never forget. Not to mention all of the great people I have met in the industry.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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