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NatalieFosternrashotgunNatalie Foster, fabulous spokeswoman for the NRA Women’s Network has a new series out called Love At First Shot. I am proud to say Nat is good friend of mine. We met several years ago and then spent a weekend together with several women gun bloggers at a ranch in MO. For 4 days we all went hunting, shooting, blew things up with c4, ate tons of fabulous food and made friendships for life. Women with one cause. To introduce all the women of America, one at a time, to shooting sports and training for self-defense. Natalie’s web site, Girl’s Guide To Guns, has been a wonderful source for women to go for any information of the gun world. Like Natalie, her site is classy and shows a strong feminine side of women and guns. I have been so thrilled to see her success as an NRA spokesperson explode. She brings a fresh face, a smart mind and great attitude to the NRA. Here is a recent episode Of Love At First Shot introducing shotguns to a brand new shooter. That lucky gal was able to learn from the 5 time Olympian Kim Rhode.

I will be sharing as many of Natalie’s shows as I can. Enjoy.

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