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I realized after writing this blog for a couple of years now that all articles are about me. Ok, I noticed this quite awhile ago.  After all, it is supposed to be about me right? I have been writing about my competitions and adventures of shooting. So not to bore you to tears all of the time I want to start interviewing others. I compete with so many talented and interesting people. I was also looking through my list of my Facebook fan page and there are some very interesting fans I have. Many of which are in gun related businesses. Getting in to shooting USPSA and 3 Gun I have met great people there as well. I am starting with interviews of some of the women I compete with. All of which have won National awards and championships throughout their careers. I am starting with a local Washington gal named Brianna Rachinski from my lovely State of Washington. She is from Bellingham about 2 hours north of Seattle. She won the Junior National Championship this August at Camp Perry Long Range Nationals. She is 14 years old and only started a year and half ago. And she beat the boys.

Stay tuned for Brianna. She needs to answer my questions I had for her in the midst of all of her school studies. So I am waiting patiently. But so excited!

“Shoot Like A Girl If You Can….”

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