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Kestrel Shooter's Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics

Kestrel Shooter’s Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics

I received my new Kestrel Applied Ballistics weather meter with Bluetooth last week. I will be taking my time testing it out at the precision rifle matches I have coming up. I  plan on giving updated quick reviews as I go since I can tell right now this will be a work in progress. I am learning that although this meter will be a valuable asset for shooters, it is the set up and learning process that will be the challenge.

I assumed since this meter had Bluetooth that it would easily connect with any Bluetooth compatible product. Not the case. It will not work with Apple products. Only Android. It will connect to some laptops but not without some work. My new Win 8 laptop has Bluetooth capability but the two are not wanting to connect. Something about COM ports. If someone is not computer tech savvy there will be some frustrations. I am also trying to download the AB program to my Samsung tablet but it will not open the zip file found on line. Not compatible. It looks as though I may have to purchase the AB app for $29.99? I was hoping that I could get a free download since the cost of the meter is around $700. Why am I going through so much trouble when the whole point of this Kestrel AB is to be able to do it on the device itself? Well the screen or window that you read is tiny. And to input all of my ammo details on the device looks tedious. Lots of scrolling up and down and sideways. I have been able to connect with the support staff easily and quickly. They have been helpful and instantly respond to my emails or phone call. But I do want to see if I can figure all of this out on my own. That is the point right?

I had the good fortune of shooting a match last week with Bryn Litz who walked me through quite a bit of how the device works. He did a basic set up of the 308 rifle I was shooting. Once the data was input on the device, the work the Kestrel was meant to do came to life. But getting to that point is work. This is why I want to do all of the set up on a computer or phone with a larger screen. I will keep you posted when I get connected to one of my devices and we will go from there!


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