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I received my new USPSA card and intro packet in the mail today. It took two minutes on line to sign up last week. This is exciting! Why? Not only am I a competitor in NRA and CMP High Power but I am now officially able to compete in USPSA/IPSC matches anywhere in the country. Why is this so cool? Because I am now one of many, but really a few women who are doing this. In the Front Sight magazine that comes with my USPSA membership are several articles of national champion women shooters. They are not only winning women’s categories but also men’s categories. My point? It is easy and fun to get involved in so many types of shooting sports. I am talking to you ladies out there!

Grab your man if you have one and get in this together. An amazing and bonding hobby. You get to travel and compete together. And in most cases against each other. Hopefully your guy won’t be too upset that you beat him every time. Women excel twice as fast as men in shooting. There are about 10 – 50 other women that go to Nationals for High Power. That is out of 800 – 1200 people. Of those ladies, most have many national awards. Against the men. In USPSA I see the same few ladies in every publicity shot. There is plenty of room for more!

If you are single, even better! How can you not like the odds of several women to hundreds of men? And these are great guys. Not “artsy, brooding, sensitive, in touch with their feelings” kind of guys. Just men. Lovely, strong, confident, chivalrous men. And you get to take the trophy away from them.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”

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