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Yesterday was the first official NRA approved match of the season at the Machias range. I came in 3rd which is not bad but I was disappointed in 2 needless shots that put me in 3rd. Never the less, I did very well. I need to focus on the good shots. A 595/600 with 38 X’s.

I leave Tuesday for Sacramento for the Steve Zinsmaster Memorial Long Range Match. 800, 900 and 1000 yards with one day of a 4 person Team event. Again, 5 days of shooting. I hope to do as well if not better than the Phoenix match last month.

My friend Bud Solis will be there again and we will team up for the Team match. We hope to win again! This will be a 4 person team so we will recruit 2 more when we arrive.

On another note, yesterday the final 16 cast members of Top Shot left for LA to move in to a house and start the month long filming. I do have a good friend and fellow competitor that did make it and left yesterday. He texted me for the last time until the producers took his phone and any source of communication to the outside world away from him. I am not allowed to mention his name but I wish him, #43, the best of luck! (We were given numbers when we were at the final casting call last month. We had to pretend not to know each other and not speak to each other. So we texted and referred to each other as our numbers.) I know you will do very well! See you in a month. Hopefully the producers will not have not chewed you up and eaten you alive.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If you can……….”

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