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We left Jackson Hole yesterday morning and made a lovely drive towards Salt Lake City. Nothing too exciting on this portion of the drive except that we stopped at the new SLC Cabelas. It was a big store! My friend Michelle who lives here said there are weddings held at this store all of the time. Hmm. Not sure about that. Anyway, we originally were going to stay the night in Park City but decided to go on another hour or so to make the final drive to Vegas today shorter. We wanted to make sure we had time to check in at registration and walk through all 12 stages.

We arrived at the range with sunny skies but it was
really windy. The RO’s were shooting their match and finishing up. Apparently tomorrow and Saturday are not looking so great. More wind and possible rain and thunderstorms. The winds and desert reminded me of Rattlesnake in WA. Could be interesting. Most stages look straight forward. There are a couple that really mess with your head as to how you should approach
the order and round count of slugs vs shot. The
longest rifle range shots are to 390 yards. But today I watched as some shot it with the high winds and they were having a tough time. I can do it right? My goal this weekend is no penalties. Which means take my time a bit more instead of spraying like I feel I do. I want decent times but I need to be accurate and then build better time as I progress. I am sure there are many thoughts to this but this is my trial this weekend. We have 5 stages tomorrow, 4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday with ceremony following. Now to explain my photos of plates.

I love license plates. Especially vanity plates. I found it interesting there were a few shooting related ones.
Of course you know my RIFLGAL in last photo.
FMJ is Charles’s truck and the other two are folks
I don’t know yet. Maybe more will show up
 tomorrow. Kind of silly I know but it is entertaining.
These things help me to lighten up and relax. I am so
 nervous! Deep breath….

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

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