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Anette Wachter 30CalGal - Marking Your Gear

Anette Wachter 30CalGal – Marking Your Gear

When we go to the range or a match it is easy to get your gear or accessories mixed up with others. Especially at a match I have mixed up my magazines because they are all black. Range bags are black or coyote tan, rifles are black, everything is black and the same! Marking your gear in some way is an easy way to keep track of your items or have someone return them to you if left behind. How many other people have leopard print duct tape around the magazine? People know to return it to me. This concept is not just for women to do. Although I am sure you guys are not going to color your gear pink or leopard print but you should at least get your name or some way to mark each piece. Now for the ladies, we can have fun with this. We can add color and prints. For instance, my range bag is leopard print, I have red grips on my pistol, my AR mags have wraps on them, I have red ammo burritos for when I compete in precision rifle matches. My pack is coyote tan and everything disappears in it so the red stands out inside. It is the little details! Ladies can make it fun. Guys, well you can at least keep track of your stuff.

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