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Of course a Merry Christmas to you all also! I just got a bit excited because Santa made it finally to my house today. So he was a couple of days late but that’s ok. Just don’t do it again please Santa! At my door step, we live in a condo so no chimney to climb down, was a shiny new rifle. A Jim Cloward special. It is a beauty. A fine piece of Walnut with hand checkering at the pistol grip. He made a cutout in the cheek piece that allows the bolt to slide in to so I can pull the bolt out all the way without having to unscrew the cheek piece first. Nice. It is an RPA Quadlock Receiver and has a 30″ Krieger 5R barrel on it. What does all of this mean?

It is cool. That is what it means. First of all you can’t buy new Quadlocks anymore. This one is used but perfect condition. The Krieger 5R barrel is different apparently because it is said to make the barrel life last longer and easier to clean. 5R is a canted lan. It scrapes off lower amounts of copper in the long run. What is called Copper Fouling. (These terms are new to me, but I am very excited to be learning about them!) I also have my new sights, the RightSite for the front and the Warner for the rear. This is going to be an amazing machine. I am hoping to get it sighted in and practiced on a couple of times before I head down to Phoenix at end of January.YEA!!!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………..”

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