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Winnequah Rifle Club – Lodi, WI

Day 2, yesterday was the first day of Palma Individuals. (Photo at right is taken from me standing at 1000 yd line while shooters are at 900. Can you even see the targets way down there?) Conditions were fairly calm first half of the day and then steadily the winds picked up a lot. I had a great day with a clean at 800 yards with 10X, 900 yards a 149/150 with 9X and at 1000 I was on the last string of the day and the most vicious. I performed well only dropping 5 points. Normally I would be pretty upset about that but everyone around me dropped much more. I came out of the day 10th place. Not bad. There are 100 shooters here and 20 are F Class. The most fun was ending the day with the 1200 yard match.

Of course I have never fired at this distance. A .308 can make it but it is not recommended. Another Washingtonian, John Van Santford said I could shoot his rifle with a scope which is a 6.5 x 284. Sure I said! But I have never shot with a scope either. And this is not on a bench or bi-pod. It is sling supported also. By that time the winds were crazy and the distance is ridiculous. I only dropped 9 points. I came in 3rd! Crazy fun! I thought there would have been a stronger wobble zone but I did not have a problem holding. But talk about accurately calling your shots. You can see exactly where they left. That distance is so far also that there is a 2 second delay until the target is pulled down. It takes a long time for that bullet to get down there. Again, Crazy fun. Day 3, today was even better.

I moved up 3 notches overall! My score today was 2 points better which moved me up to 7th place. I had a 149/150 with 11X. At 900 was a clean with 10X and at 1000 I dropped 3 and only 4X. Again it was extra windy. Now, if I just do a perfect clean tomorrow and have all the others ahead of me crossfire and drop 10 points then I am golden! Yes well I can fantasize. Brian Litz is in 1st with an amazing score. He has only dropped 2 points in 2 days. David Mayfield in 2nd 4 points down and Steve McGee 7 points down. I am only 10 points down and I still am way down in 7th place. Amazing shooters here. Bud and I ended the day with our “Two-Man Team” event. We came in 3rd. Not what we wanted but it was still a good shoot. I am getting in so much trigger time that my skills are improving by the day. I still have 5 more days left! Many people I have never met are coming to me and telling me they can’t believe I have only been shooting for 2 years. Of course you know what I tell them. “Shoot Like A……”

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

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