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Not a great day in Wisconsin. Something has come up that I need to fly home tomorrow. My mom has had Chronic Lymphoma for a while but it recently has drained all her good blood cells and they are making her rush in for chemo treatment. She also has had a terrible lung infection that they could not diagnose for a year and finally figured it out. So she has to have severe medication for that also. I just felt terrible to be here and she would come home from the hospital and not have someone around. My brother is there and is taking great care of her now but lives a bit further away from her than I do. It would be easier for me to stay with her and keep her company if the chemo does its worst. I know I would not want to be alone at home going through this. This was supposed to be a year of getting used to my dad passing away. Now she has to be sick also.

On my end, I could not get a flight out until tomorrow so I was happy to be able to finish this last day for the Grand Agg of the Palma match. Well, it rained all night and all morning. They canceled the day. I am not sure if the Agg will end from yesterday’s scores since they have an entirely new match to shoot each day from now on. So if that is the case I keep my 7th place spot. But most likely I am disqualified. Not sure.

I met so many new people at this event and I had a great time. I was the new kid on the block and performed well. I think they noticed! Thank you to Earl and Karen who run the match and stats office. Not a small job by any means. I will be back next year and will certainly make sure Charles comes with me. There will always be matches. There will not always be mom.

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