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Last night I was having dinner with three girl friends that all happen to be part of the gun industry. One is a gun store owner and all three are firearm safety instructors. I was talking to them about wanting to get a 9m competition pistol for the 3 Gun matches I shoot. I currently have a 40cal. Not knowing what I want to use yet I was hoping to borrow one from anyone I compete with. One of the gals, Stephanie, offered to loan me one of hers. But she said sarcastically, “As long as I-594 does not pass I can loan you one of my guns.” It dawned on me again that this Initiative is no joking matter.

Stephanie and I are both law abiding and responsible gun owners that have more training and skills than most. I as a professional competitor and she as a 20 year instructor/owner of Insights Training and gun store owner of West Coast Armory North. If I-594 passes she would not be able to loan me her pistol for competition. Oh but you pro 594 people state that the bill has an exemption for competition loans. In the bill it states that at a “sanctioned” competition one can loan a gun. Hate to break it to you but there is no organization that sanctions any match any of the hundreds of clubs and private and public lands that matches are held on. So now we have to add more bureaucracy to outline what a true sanctioned competition is? And until then, any match can be deemed not sanctioned by some anti-gun local government activist trying to make an example of us. Hello NY and NJ? And what about the times I want the gun to practice with on my own time? As a competitor you do not show up to a match or any sporting event with unfamiliar gear and untrained. So to do this Stephanie and I have to go to a dealer and “transfer” the gun with a background check that could take weeks and will eventually be taxed. And you think the criminal is going to do this? How do you think this could even be enforced? It could be enforced with registration and another army of cops we can’t afford to infringe on my liberties and demand paper work for firearms I am carrying from my home to the range or a match.

Take your I-594 and stuff it.

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