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I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I would explain my comment about how it was the ammo’s fault I shot a 9 out the top that lost my chances to win. Well, at least I believe it was the ammo’s fault. It certainly could have been my error but I did not call that shot. It was my choice to use the load I had. So that part? That is my fault.

There are so many formulas and theories by every shooter for the recipes in loading ammunition. For my Palma rifle I need to use a 155 grain bullet. But there are several pieces to make rounds. The bullet, the powder, the case, the primer. There are many manufacturers of each of these pieces all claiming to have the best. Then there are the shooters who test all combinations and every shooter has their own favorite load and swears by it.

I have been using Nosler bullets 155 grain, Lapua brass, Fed Match 210 M primers and Varget powder with 46.5 grains. A few months ago we thought to increase the powder to 47 grains because we heard this is good for the longer distances. I used this formula in Phoenix when I cleaned the targets at 8,9 and 1000 yards. So it should be good right?  But I will say that at shorter distances (600 or 500 or 300 yards) my shots were circling the 10 ring. I can’t seem to buy an X. I used to have a lot more X’s. At this weekend’s match I fought so hard to hold tight and should have had more X’s. But I had many weird 10’s that were near the edge of a 9. I did not call any of those weird shots. And then the one fateful 9.

Why the difference in performance? I am still new at understanding this so I am glad to get responses from any of you out there. My theory is the 47g was too hot for the Lapua brass. I am switching back to 46.5 or 46.7. I also have all of these super duper Sierra bullets I am going to try. Everyone swears by them. Boy oh boy. So much to think about!

I go to Tri-Cities in a couple of weeks for the State Palma Championships. I look forward to visiting that X ring again.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……….”

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