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I am leaving on a red-eye flight tonight to Cleveland for my trip to Nationals at Camp Perry. The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday does not look good. Lots of rain showers. And in that area the rains are crazy. The field will flood in no time at all. What’s a little rain? Not sure if you remeber my post a couple of months ago when I was in Oregon. I had an entire string of 20 rounds where each round a primer blew. It was raining and even though my ammo was covered, getting it from box to chamber got the water in there. The extra pressure from the moisture blew the primers. When it stopped raining later I never had a problem. Now granted that brass was on its last firing but I never want to experience that again. Sort of messes with your head a bit!

This is not the first time anyone has thought of making a rain guard. In fact Noma, a fellow female shooter from California has made some with a different fabric. I did borrow one once and it helped a lot. My only complaint was it was very soft fabric and had extra fabric that bunched around rear site and my face. It may have been because it was made for someone elses rifle too. So here I am making my own version! There is a great outdoor materials store in Seattle. This fabric is waterproof and heat resistant. The barrel can get hot! They had some fun colors so I chose this bright blue. It is fairly stiff material and with the velcro closures will not flap no matter how much wind there is. I enclosed a flexible but stiffer piece of plastic above action so it sticks straight out to allow easy access to loading. The only thing I will do differently on the next design is make the opening around the rear site smaller and have a velcro closure behind it so it wraps around sight rather than fit over it. Thank you Charles for that idea! Great since everyone has different sights. The length can be shortened for those who do not have a 30″ barrel like mine.

The true test will be on the line in the rain! If it fails I can easily rip it right off and manouver my coat and hat and whatever else I can find to cover the action. Eek. That sounds miserable. Lets hope it works. And lets hope it works so well that I get orders for more! 🙂 See you in Camp Perry! Saturday first shots down range at 7am.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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