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I realized that between Charles and I we have tons of gadgets, tools, lubes, cleaners and whatever to clean guns. Most things are not fancy or expensive. There are Q-tips, toothpicks, teeth cleaning tools and even chop-sticks. The weird stuff that has a job somewhere. I am sure everyone has a huge kit of stuff. Today I found my new favorite cleaning “tool”.

I spent the day practicing 3 Gun stages with my friend and coach Scott Hawkins. Shelley-Rae got to join us as well. Tons of fun! The film crew that ESS hired to film a story of Shelley and I and Boomershoot were there to make things more interesting. That is Andy Tran from Couch Creative Productions in photo. We finally had a sunny day but the grounds were very muddy from all of the rain we have had. Every time I dropped mags I had to pick them up out of the mud. I never had to take them apart but I did sometimes unload the ammo and wipe off the rounds. I certainly took them apart tonight to clean them.

The magazines were actually not very messy. My Tanfoglio on the other hand was another story. I knew it would need a cleaning but I had no idea what was going to come out of it. I had done my standard cleaning with CLP and many Q-tips. I thought I had it pretty sparkly. Charles had a can of Break Free Powder Blast that he had never used and asked me if I wanted to give it a try. Lordy! Can you see all of the shreds of gunk in the photo? I thought it was mud or even bits of leaves from today. All of a sudden this stuff started to peel away from the sides and in the crevices. It wouldn’t stop. A bit of fun really to pull these pieces out. Kind of like when you were a kid and you would pull your scabs off. Ha ha! Too much information! It was not mud or leaves. It was gunky residue. I just felt terrible that my poor “Italian car” had all of that in there. And for how long? I clean it all the time! I was surprised the gun was not malfunctioning. I am a huge fan of Powder Blast now. I know many of you are rolling your eyes. This has been around forever right? Well I suppose I need to figure these things out on my own time. I won’t use it every time I clean mainly because each can is $10 and you need to be pretty careful to oil the gun well enough afterwards. But so cool!

Call me a dork but I enjoyed this little learning experience. What is your favorite cleaning gizmo?

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……..”

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