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I really love my new Tanfoglio Witness I bought. It shoots great. It fits my larger than normal girl hands. And it is cool looking. BUT! I think I bought a FIAT.

I can’t get any parts for the darn thing. All I want are bigger magazines. It comes with one factory 15 round mag. I want 21 round mags. Too much to ask? Apparently it is. We had to go to an after market company. The first one was from We tried calling several times and even placed an order on his web site. No response. We finally got an order and it turns out he sent us 10mm instead of 40cal. So we tried to contact to exchange or return and no response. For 3 months! He just called today and we told him to forget it. Then we went to EAA the original importer for Tanfoglio and ordered magazine parts to put together ourselves We ordered 40 cal mags (15 round) (hello, stock size) and extra long springs, followers and extended mag pads. They sent us 45 cal mags! The woman on the phone had the nerve to ask us if we were sure they sent us the wrong ones. You can’t even get a stock 15 round mag from these guys! Poor Charles. I thought he was going to blow a gasket.

I guess I am puzzled they would develop a competition gun and not have the competition parts or upgrades for it. Competitors want bigger capacity mags! I have noticed that this industry in general has horrible customer service. It is getting better but it is still way behind the rest of the world. They have not needed to. It makes me wonder how difficult it would be to have these items made. Why can’t I go in to business for after-market accessories for the competitors? There obviously is a market. Every brand of competition gun needs accessories. I am not the only one who has these problems. In my business I strive for the best service and product I can offer. I at least keep in contact with people if things are out of stock or delayed. Hmmm…..
Do I need or want another business? Well, stand-by for more updates as we wait to return these 45 cals and see what they send us next. For now I have 3 15 round mags to compete with. Sheesh. I will have to be very creative and VERY accurate.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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