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Northwest Precision Custom spike bi-pod feetI would like to add to the list of great NW gun and gun product companies by introducing Northwest Precision Customs. Owner Doug Glorfield not only owns a very cool private precision rifle range near Spokane, WA but he makes cool shoes/adapters for Harris bi-pods. Doug’s Rock Lake range will host the NW Precision Steel Series Challenge and The JC Steel Match this year. He also rents it out for private groups and clinics. When shooting at Doug’s range a few weeks ago he showed me the spikes and leg extensions he builds for the Harris bi-pod. Harris’ rubber feet are good but wait until you try these! Extremely sharp, I have already scraped myself pretty well with these, steel feet replace the rubber bases. These spikes dig in to any surface with gusto and I could not be happier.These feet are used on the Harris Bench Rest and Spring Retractable models. The body of the adapters is aluminum with steel replaceable inserts. (More photos below in gallery)

I will admit that taking off the original rubber feet was not an easy task. It may have been the dirt and grit in with the pins but it took two of us to get those old pins out. Although, we are working in a condo with no vices so keep that in mind. If you have the proper work shop you will be much better off. You still need to put some muscle in to knocking out the pins. After pounding away with the hammer we finally got the old pins out and rubber feet off. You put the new bases on with new pins Doug provides and then the spiked feet screw on easily. He also provides about 5 inch extensions for more leg length if you wish. You also can custom order really long extensions for those targets that are up high on the mountain side. (Thank you Carl Taylor at your team match) These spikes dig in and hold on on any surface. I was a bit leery how they would do on a smooth cement surface but I was pleasantly surprised when my rifle stayed put while shooting a rapid fire stage last weekend on a cement.

The complete kit includes threaded adapter that pins to bi pod leg, 2 inch extension, extra roll pins, spiked feet and adapter that goes into original feet and allows to be simply screwed back on. The main kit setup with spikes can adds 4 inches of height. These are priced at $89.99 plus shipping. The custom extensions are priced upon request. I love these. A confidence booster for my precision rifle game.


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