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Last Sunday I participated in a USPSA match at Paul Bunyan range. It had been awhile since I have shot my Tanfoglio so I was happy for the change of pace from the rifle. Although I had a great time my scores for the day were not so happy. Just means I need to practice more. But the highlight of the day was at the Classifier stage. You had to start facing away from the targets and at the beep turn and commence firing. One of the guys early in the lineup did a funny hop to make his turn. Shelley Sargent and I felt it necessary to follow in his “footsteps”. We both added our bunny hop turn. At right is a video Shelley made. To add to the “style”, in the week hand portion I apparently had my other hand on my hip rather than close on chest. Was not even aware I was doing it. A new definition of “Shooting from the hip”?

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”

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