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This was my first time shooting an MP5, a fully automatic sub machine gun. This one shot a 9mm cartridge normally associated with a pistol. It did not have much of a kick at all. Our first paper target was a generic figure with the A portion in the middle. I knew not to just let loose with the gun and that I had to pull short 2-3 rounds at a time. Not as much fun as you see in the movies when they unload the whole thing but if you do that you don’t hit anything! “The art of the talking machine guns”! “Short bursts. Then the enemy can’t tell where you are firing from and how many of you there are.” My first try and I had a near perfect group in the middle of the A. The Range Master that was overseeing me just shook his head. Charles leaned over and told him I had the Master rating with the AR15. He just turned and walked out. I guess he felt I no longer needed supervision. He said I was a bad-ass. I think he meant that lovingly?

My next two magazines I put in to my female zombies. (one photo at right). Not a bad group eh? I really hope we get to shoot this on Top Shot. So cool!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………..”

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