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This is a phrase I have heard one too many times in this sport. “It is not if, but when”. You WILL make mistakes. It is a matter of when you make them. Like everything new, there is a learning curve. With that curve comes the “Oh how stupid I feel. Did I really just do that?”

In any shooting competitions, no matter what gun you are using there are many things you can forget to do or  do what your are not supposed to or just plain screw up.
#1 – A biggy is cross firing. (done that) This is when you shoot your neighbors target. Add insult to injury, you shoot an X.
#2 – Forgetting to load magazines. (done that) You either forget to load them at all and you are not ready when the buzzer goes off or there is the wrong amount of rounds (done that), or yes, put the rounds in backwards. (um… done that).
#3 – Wrong site settings. (done that) You are at the 300 yard line but you either forgot to move the sites up from 200 yards or you left them at 600 yard sites from the day before where you ended your day.(done both of those).
#4 – Forget to bring something. Your rifle? (have NOT done that.  Yet) I do know of one who did. My most famous “forgot something” story is about my shoes. I usually wear a hiking style boot when competing. I don’t like wearing them to and from the range in the car. This one summer day I wore my rhinestone encrusted flip-flops in the car. When we got to the range I realized I forgot my boots! It was a Sunday at 8am. No store in the world was going to be open. I wish I could tell you I had to shoot in my rhinestone flip-flops but I didn’t have to. That would have been a better story. But,Target saved me! There was a Target a few minutes away. They were open! I was able to get some boots.

Trust me, the list goes on for silly mistakes that have been made. I am not sure if I feel better when someone walks up to me after wards and says “Oh, I’ve done that. No big deal.” But at least I am not alone. Nor will you be alone when it WILL happen to you. But like life experiences, mistakes make you stronger and more knowledgeable.

“Shoot Like a Girl! IF you can……….”

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