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Well we have A TV but we don’t have cable. We just never have. Charles likes TV too much. 🙂 In our condo the tv sits in a back room so we can’t even get the free local channels. So we use it for movies mainly. Why do I want a TV? We have the 4 day State Championship next week and we need ammo. LOTS OF AMMO. About 400 rounds each. Last night we started an assembly line. Charles brought me the powdered cases and I seated the bullets. (That is me set up at the kitchen counter). I needed a distraction!

How nice it would have been to have a TV on in the background. I could  not watch a movie even because it is in the back room and I was in the main room. I realized there are a couple of times when you do want mindless TV. When you are home sick and loading. Boring! Then it dawned on me. I have a laptop!

We do have wireless however and so I set up my laptop in front of me. One can go to any network on line and download the current shows. I did know this already. I am not saying I just discovered this. But I rarely use the luxury of watching TV. Time passed quickly before I realized I had seated about 300 bullets. Yea! Only 500 or 600 more to go. I wonder what show I should watch tonight?

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……..”

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