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I just got home from the awards ceremony. Lots of amazing trophy’s up on stage. I got to stand for High Woman on one of the matches but I think there are so many categories they only announce big ones. I still have not looked at the final results board. I do know I only dropped about 22 points all week. I will look tomorrow and  finish my entry tomorrow night. I will have more time since our last big Palma Team event starts in the morning and I get to stay one more night on my own so I will have time to write. Too sleepy now! Real quickly, today at 800 I shot a 150 14X, at 900 a 145 4X and at 1000 a 143 and 4X. (I think that is correct anyway.)

The gentleman who interviewed me from the NRA did write a fun article about me. Thank you!
Check it out.

Photo is of the 2010 Bronze, Silver and Gold National Long Range Champions. Way to go! (Sorry for bad photo I was too far away and flash would not reach)

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……….”

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