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Camp Atterbury, Indiana

camp atterbury 2017 national championships nra

Lake cabin rentals Camp Atterbury



Same lake but the next morning with a first frost of this year.


Since 1907 Camp Perry in Ohio has been the home of CMP and NRA National Matches. For the 2017 season the NRA is moving the National Championships to Camp Atterbury in Indiana. Crazy eh? There still needs to be the formal approval from the NRA Board of Directors but now that word is out I am pretty sure it is a done deal. Well I am a member of the NRA High Power Committee and we just had our annual meeting last weekend at Camp Atterbury. Across The Course, Mid Range and Long Range National Championships will now be held in Indiana. I knew something was up when we were diverted from having the meeting at the NRA headquarters in VA as usual to Indiana at the last minute. We had a private tour of the entire base and It is a really great place. I know this story has been out for a couple of days but most are cut from the same press release. I am able to get you up and close and personal with photos I took while there. Why after over 100 years would the NRA want to make such a move?


One of three 50 target point ranges.


View from 1000 yard line. Camp Atterbury


Now is a good time for good changes for the NRA National Championships. Remember, the NRA started because of competition. Unfortunately it has been roped in to politics for a long time and the competition side has been forgotten. We hope this will now change in the years to come. Our meeting this year was to decide between three eligible locations. We decided Camp Atterbury covered all of the bases of making a great match. The NRA, with the help of the Indiana National Guard at Camp Atterbury and the State of Indiana will be able to make a statement with its own location and event. We have been welcomed with open arms to the State of Indiana and they are willing to work with us quickly to make the 2017 Matches happen and happen well. We will have an opening ceremony and welcome BBQ. Stay tuned for possible celebrity appearances. The awards ceremony and prize table will be something new as well. Not giving details yet because there is a lot of work ahead for the amazing and overworked crew on staff at the NRA. The range and entire base is about 35,000 acres and family friendly.

On our tour we first drove to the range area. There are three 50 point ranges. Two of which can be used for long range as well as across the course. In fact they go back to 1800 yards. Maybe we can convince them to put on a Extreme Long Range match! Ok, maybe in 2018. One thing at a time. The target carriers are similar to Perry. New number boards and maintenance on the berms are a couple of the updates needed. There is plenty of housing on base as well as only 10 minutes away in Edinburgh or Columbus. From barracks to king bed apartments there are options for all. There is even a small lake with 4 cabins on it that are really cool rentals. Oh, did I just say that out loud? One of those is going to be mine. Housing prices are affordable too. There is a pool on base, bar, px, mess halls, Subway, gym, simulator building, you name it, it is all there. Their main clubhouse is an elegant log building. We had our meeting there for a day and a half and it was very nice. Could be a great location for the awards ceremony or banquets. Why should the high power competitors choose to compete here as well as Perry? Many reasons.


One of 4 cabins on a small lake

Camp Atterbury RV park

Camping and RV park Camp Atterbury


Apartment housing Camp Atterbury


Fancy king bed in a premier apartment at Camp Atterbury


We love CMP for the ability to get 10 points toward Distinguished Medals and The President’s 100. NRA now will have an NRA Distinguished Badge for ATC, mid range, long range and F-Class. The point system will be somewhat similar. Details to come on that. Famous faces have expressed interest to participate. We will have an Opening Ceremony and welcome party as a BBQ and the Awards Ceremonies will become more than just a ceremony. And excuse me but have you taken a close look at the beautiful trophies the NRA has? They are like no others. The proposed 2017 match schedule (subject to change): First Shot Ceremony – July 7. Welcome BBQ (afternoon) – July 7. Across the Course – July 8-13. Mid-Range – July 14-17. Long-Range – July 18-22. Dennis Willing, Director of NRA Competitive Shooting, added his comment – “I intend to change the face of High Power Rifle as a discipline, and will be presenting matches that are better than competitors have ever seen before.”


Inside the Lodge at Camp Atterbury

20161112_103557 20161112_081510

I was worried this epic move would have been difficult to vote on or that our meeting would have erupted in to fist fights. Quite the contrary. First of all I would like to brag that we have a diverse and strong high power committee. I am honored to be part of it. I realize we can’t make everyone happy. We have to work within the means the NRA allows us. We have to work within the means of our budget which is less and less every year. I personally am excited for this new beginning. We had so many great ideas for the future of these matches. Like I said, one thing at a time. Much work is ahead to get the 2017 National Championship off the ground. I know change is hard sometimes. Some folks will be upset they have to change their plans or that changes were made at all. But we all know that our world evolves and we have to adapt and/or be progressive going forward. Change can be good. This one will be. I look forward to seeing you all at Camp Atterbury next summer. “All ready on the firing line!”


26 Responses to “NRA National Championships Move To Camp Atterbury after 100 Plus Years”


    Got a question for you.
    What are the chances of getting drone shots, of the shoots, so people can get a birds eye view of the ranges you shoot at and the skills it takes to compete at these levels. The new facilities look great.
    I would not have known this if it was not for your sharing in beautiful insight.

  2. Brenda Spencer CPO @ Camp Perry

    As a volunteer is the NRA still going to pick up our housing expenses. Are there dining facilities that will be open at the completion of firing? Since this is an operating military post, what security “screening” is needed to enter the post?

    • 30calgal

      I do not know anything about the housing for volunteers. That is a staff question. The base does offer several mess halls as well as a Subway and a bar/pizza. Off base about 10 minutes are several restaurants. I am not sure about the screening to get on base yet.

  3. Phil

    What is happening with pistol and small bore and the other disciplines that go on at Perry in more or less a string with the old High Power Matches? Will it sever the two groups? I think one of the GREATEST things of Perry was the way all disciplines came together. Your thoughts?

  4. John

    NRA high power has been in decline since the 60’s in fact it is about dead. It has been poorly run for many years. The number of competitors has steadily declined to the point where they only have a small fraction of what the CMP has. My feelings are it will mean nothing to the matches at Perry. The move just proves their stupidity.

    • 30calgal

      I wish I Knew. Unfortunately the NRA has put all funding toward politics rather than competition. Perhaps now that we have a new President Elect the NRA can refocus on competition again.

    • 30calgal

      No it has nothing to do with lead. CMP will always remain there. It is an active base and competitions will always be held there.

  5. Vaso Sasic

    Are you or NRA able to provide more detail re: available housing on/off base and rates? My preference has always been to be on base where you can walk to matches with gear in hand or in a cart.

  6. Warren Murphy

    Check out the Central Indiana High Power Rifle Shooters. That’s the local club that has been putting on matches at Atterbury for years.

  7. Jeff

    I am a long-time NRA Benefactor member and competitive shooter. I have waited to comment in all of this to see what fallout may occur. I sense something suspiciously awry in all of this when I also know the CMP has expanded their match opportunities and direction. I live in Indiana and I think out of state competitors need to know that Atterbury is RURAL. Columbus, IN is a great town but has limited hotel space. The Atterbury ranges are used by a variety of military organizations and I’m skeptical they will want to modify them too much because of the way they are used to train. I guess time will tell.

    • 30calgal

      Hello Jeff,
      Atterbury and the Governor are involved in this. Reconstruction has already begun and almost finished. They are going above and beyond to make the facility accommodating for us. I will be there this summer. I can’t wait.


    Very disappointed to see the NRA High Power matches moved from Camp Perry. Someone at the NRA fell and bumped their head.

  9. William O'Rourke

    I was at camp Atterbury Three weeks ago and the range look nothing like the photos you above. They were still bull dozing the berms, had not parking facilities and only a very poor dirt road to range 6 where they say the nationals will be fired. The berms are quite tall and steep so I hope they plan on putting some sort of stairs in to accomadte shooters with knee prpblems, etc, hope they will have things ready in mid July as time is running out fast!

  10. Bob Siefker

    Camp Atterbury is my “home range” – I live about 20 minutes north. The facilities are very nice and the ranges are in good condition. My only criticism of Atterbury is that the ranges face south. On bright sunny days, the targets can be very indistinct and hard to get a good six o’clock hold.

  11. Palmaman

    My father rotated through there in 1944 as a member of the 106th “Golden Lion” Division. Have been there as well as Camp Butner where my father rotated to before shipping off to England and the Ardennes for the Bulge.

    That said, the NRA can kiss my grits for ever contemplating a move from Camp Perry. I understand you cannot relate to the historic significance of Camp Perry because you have such little experience there and you are relatively new to shooting sports in general. Some of us were awarded “The Shield” from DCM there and won a berth on the actual Palma firing team when many shooters today wore 3-cornered pants.

    The NRA could give two shiz about competitive shooters and in particular, junior shooter development. It has been that way since the 80’s and is getting progressively worse. One look at the massive numbers of junior shooters firing at Atterbury should be a clue and a huge wake-up call. They ARE the future of competitive shooting sports, yet NRA could care less. No, I won’t be offering solutions to the problem because talking to NRA, Gilchrist and Krei fell on deaf ears. My breath will not be wasted anymore.

    It is sounding more and more like NRA will be pulling all funding from the Long-Range Rifle Teams (aka Palma Team) and the team hierarchy does not seem concerned enough to consider effective promotion nor fund raising to offset what had really funded oversea travel in the past. Is it because Palma as a sport is dying a slow death and new blood is not being brought into the fold? Is it because NRA looks at today’s Palma members as a bunch of self-promoting, egotistical loners that are not doing their utmost to see the game grow, beyond any other consideration? The days of the elitist, turned-up-nose attitude is upon us fully. It sure makes some of us wonder why because we shot very similar scores using #2155’s in the 90’s. Palma was growing as a sport and junior Palma programs were strong. Of course, those were the days when NRA and the Team Captain mandated that ALL NRA members could tryout for the team. There was nothing subjective and everybody supported the team. Now all you hear about are people b*tching about getting screwed and about undo favoritism. Way to kill a program.


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