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Was I surprised to see this article in the NY Times showing several girly handguns? Not really. They, like an  publication want to be part of the popular news. They cannot deny that guns are a growing trend. Especially with women. Not just for self-defense but for sport as well. I certainly am not surprised of the backlash from their readers. It proves that the NY Times is a left leaning media outlet. They were bombarded with negative responses from their readers. And truly amazing responses. click here for link to RESPONSES.  A small example are these numbers of emails in one situation.

52 messages objected to the magazine’s page on purse pistols.
9 accused us of glamorizing violence and guns.
8 contained some variant of the phrase “what were you thinking?”
4 suggested we were pandering to N.R.A.-member readers.
2 said it was too soon after the Tucson shootings to feature a page like this.

Well, I personally loved it. I even had never seen some of these “adorable pistols”. We have the pink Taurus 738 TCP in our rental area at West Coast Armory.  You have to love the Swarovski studded Hello Kitty Sig Sauer P226 9MM. For a mere $3000 it can be yours. Not sure what would stop your assailant first. The gun or the fact it blinded him with sparkles? Don’t want to find out personally.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can………”

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