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As most of you know, the US Palma Rifle Team is in Australia right now for the 2011 World Cup. I will be with you next time gang! (I am on the training team but started one year too late to go with them this time.) Hey I only started two years ago! They are finishing the final week today and tomorrow of the Palma Team match. I wrote awhile back about the Creedmoor Cup and how it started in the late 1800’s and the Palma Trophy is part of that tradition. The matches even then were fired at 800, 900 and 1000 yards. Yes, iron sights. What I find interesting about the trophy itself is that the original one is “missing”.

The trophy was at first named The Grand Centennial Trophy in honour of the Centennial celebration of the Independence of the United States of America. It was commissioned from Tiffany’s for about $1500. It stood 7 1/2 feet tall made of bronze, silver and gold inlay. On the banner was engraved “In The Name of The United States of America To The Riflemen Of The World.” Above the banner was the word “PALMA” which in Latin means palm tree and to the Romans signified victory or the ultimate in excellence. Unfortunately the original trophy has not been seen since 1954. Who took it I wonder?? I can only imagine how much it is worth now. A new one was made again by Tiffany’s from the old blue prints for a bit more. $32,500. It is worth several times that now.

I am watching Facebook and emails around the clock to get updates from team mates. Good luck to the US men and women over there. Our name needs to be on that trophy. Again.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…..”

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