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Cascade Rifle and Gun Club – Ravensdale, WA. 7/16/2011

Yesterday was a nice rainy day for an 80 round match at 600 yards. Thankfully the 600 yard line is covered. And I am especially thankful we hired Charles’ nieces to pull targets! We did not have to go out in to the elements at all. The weather did improve throughout the day and the wind conditions were perfectly calm. A great day to get a dead wind zero and to practice your hold. What is a hold? When conditions are this calm you really should not have any shots outside of the 10 ring. This a true test of holding elevation. Shots should be waterline from 9:00 – 3:00 across the X and 10 ring. Preferably the X ring only. If you can make it through the day with little or no elevation shots you have reached your goal. At this point it is just a battle of X’s. 4 people came out with a perfect 800/800 for the day. I was one of them. I had an 800 with 58 X! I love the photo of my scores at right. All those X’s and 10s! Normally this would be a winning score. But Bud Solis was on fire. He broke a range record with an 800 66X! Way to go! The biggest surprise of the day (well not to me) was that Charles was also one of the cleans for the day. This was really only his 3rd or 4th time competing in a prone match. The first 80 round match. He was only 2 X’s behind me! Proof he needs to take up prone shooting more seriously. Wouldn’t that be cool if we as a couple made the US Palma Team for 2015? I think we can.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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