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Yes, I said hiccup. Who hiccups when your shooting? Apparently me. My last shot of the day today and I only needed a 9 to be in the running. Nope. Hiccup. 7. Low. Scream. Seriously?

Today was the Palma Individuals Event. At 800 I cleaned it, 150/150 with 13X. Thought that was pretty good only to find out there were several 13’s and Abe (6′ 7″, 20 something from Portland) got a 14X. Sheesh. At 900 I had 3 points drop that I did not call AT ALL. Happens I guess but very frustrating. At 1000 I had my work cut out for me. I was so proud of my wind reading. I only dropped 2 until “the hiccup”. Not that I want to see others do poorly but I was happy to see that the top people struggled also. It looks like one of our juniors from WA, Michael Storer will walk away with at least a 3rd place for today. Nice shooting Michael.

Yesterday was the Palma Team event. We scraped up 5 of us and came in 4th overall. Great considering we were all skill levels. I had high team score. Woo Hoo! Ricky Hunt was our coach and as usual did perfectly. I am waiting for another shooter to send me our team photo and I will post it here then. I found out that I was 9th overall for the Fullbore match on Wed. Actually ok with that. The top 10 names are good.

Tomorrow we have the ANY/IRON sight team event. Also there is a ANY/ANY team event. Scopes. Ricky and Bud corralled me in to shooting this. I am using Ricky’s rifle. He is about 6″ shorter than I am. We will be fitting me to the rifle tonight and taking notes so I can drop down tomorrow and shoot away. This should be interesting. I have poked fun at scope shooters in the past. Now Karma is coming back to get me. I am so excited to shoot this. With Ricky coaching I just need to hold where he tells me. Now for that wobble zone……

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….

I believe one can find results for this match at or the long range forum.

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