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Today was my first day at the Ben Avery Range here in Phoenix. I swore we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at Rattlesnake Ridge by accident. The winds were howling! No one told me it was like this!! I don’t have my elevation sites yet for 8, 9 and 1000 yards with my new sites and barrel and I also have to fight about 7 minutes of wind??!! Not to mention it was a bit chilly.

Thank goodness it only took about 3 rounds at 800 to figure it out. Phew! I did put about 6 minutes on. The flag in the photo is straight out. That is usually not a good sign. Means rough day ahead. At 900 I only had about 2 minutes and by the time we got back to 1000 yards it was only a minute and a half. Flags slowed and almost pointed directly at me. I only needed to take about 8 rounds each string to know the settings and be consistently in at least the 10 ring. At 1000 I had consistent X’s. YEA!!! Thanks again Charles for loading the best ammo ever! I miss. I wish you were here.

Bring on tomorrow. I am ready!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……”

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