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This is year I am getting serious about my “Across the Course” competing with my AR. Charles and I took a little breather last summer from competing to spend more time with friends and take weekend vacations.

My new year’s resolution (well, I started this early Dec. actually) is to practice daily!  I know, if you are a serious shooter this should be a given. But, whether it is live fire at the range or dry firing in the house, I am setting time aside every day to do so. I have been perfect in my goal so far for the last 3 weeks. We live in a condo in the city so there is not a lot of space to work with for dry firing.  But we have a little black dot on a far wall in living room for dry firing offhand. I set up in the bedroom and aim through the doorway in to the  living room. We have big, full length windows this entire distance. I wonder what the employees at the KOMO news building across the street are thinking?

It is odd enough to live in downtown Seattle, one of the most liberal cities in the country and have what most uninformed people would think was a fortress of guns. We get a few raised eyebrows from other tenants in the building as we make our way down the elevator to our car with rifles strapped over our shoulders. Actually, it is kind of amusing. Love this town.

“Shoot like a girl! If you can……….”

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