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I arrived in Richland last night for the three day match at Rattlesnake. My favorite place to shoot! NOT! Charles is pushing me to shoot at every 1000 yard opportunity I can. US Team try-outs in April will be here so quickly. I agreed since the weather forecast was decent. Although a last minute storm is brewing over the entire state. Lets hope it misses here. Ugh.

Today was a Team event or practice day. Not many people showed up today. There are about 6 shooters from Canada that drove down so they had a good team. Bud and I were two of three people that made it from the West side. We scraped together a couple of people to make a 4 person team. Asa from Seattle and Don from Bend, OR. The rest were F-Class shooters that were practicing. So we had a fun Canada vs US match. Conditions were actually very doable today! The wind was variable from 7 and 6 and 5:00. Blowing 7 – 12 mph. It was switchy but compared to what it normally is here this was bliss. Bud and I traded off coaching. We did really well but ended up losing by 4 points. Darn Canadians!

Tomorrow is the Palma match at 8,9, and 1000 yards. Then after is an ANY Rifle, ANY Sight Match at 1000. Since I only have the one rifle anyway my ANY ANY rifle will be the same one. I have won these before with my “little” Palma rifle. Scopes are for cheating anyway. Did I say that in my out loud voice?

“Shoot Like A Girl! IF You Can……”

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