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A first for me since I have been coming to Rattlesnake. VERY LITTLE WIND. I had at most about 5 minutes at 1000 yards today. Early in the day the wind was at 6:00 and light and consistent. And warm. I was not freezing my tush off as usual. The only bad side was the rain. It was on and off through the day. Quite a few more people arrived for today’s match. Not a huge group but enough to make a good competition. About 35 or so?

Today was a good and bad day. Good was that I only dropped 6 points. Bad was that I should not have dropped that many. The conditions were too good. I had 2 malfunctions. One was “wardrobe” and two was me. The iris piece on my rear sight had a “fuzzy” in it. I had 3 different people see it when they looked through it. Whew. I am not crazy. Well, not a lot anyway. I could not blow it out. I stopped in middle of string and borrowed an eye piece from Don (from Bend, OR) who was scoring for me. Thank you Don! Took a little to get used to it but it was fine. Then I could just not focus. My right eye has been bugging me for a few weeks and it seems to be the same problem I had early this year. I had an eye infection from my contacts. My Doc said I should not where them so much since my eyes are not liking them anymore. But I don’t want to wear glasses! Of course I am wearing my glasses now as I write this and my eyes feel so relieved. I will wait until I get to the range tomorrow before I put contacts back in. I can’t shoot with my glasses since they are not made for shooting. One needs a special lens made that has the prescription spot at an angle. Like today I just have to keep resting my eyes between shots and hope target will come in to focus. I was always the last shooter out there today. Oh well!

Tomorrow is similar to today minus the last ANY ANY match. So even with my “issues” today, I ended the day as 3rd place Match Winner in the Palma. I am still not sure about the ANY ANY match. I thought I saw 1st High Master but I still think that means about 4th place or so. I hope to have a second chance tomorrow but Bud Solis only dropped 1 point today and Judy from Canada only dropped 2. Tough! My only hope is that I clean and that they…..well….don’t. Good shooting everyone!

“Shoot Like A Girl! IF You Can……….”

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