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Sorry for the delay in the results. We were so tired after it was over. We decided to stay the night and leave early this morning to come back home. Well, I did not win. In fact I came in 12th place. Tied for 12th place with Gary. My scores were still not far off from the winners. Normally they would be. But this is Rattlesnake. We take what we can get. A Californian, Lane Buxton took the match. That is him in picture at right. He had 1307/1350 with 49 X and my score was 1276/1350 with 37 X. On one hand I am glad we had a couple of people from California who came here.

On the other hand, not! When I was in Sacramento in April I competed with some of the best in the country. Most from that area. But none of them had been to Rattlesnake. They had all heard the stories but no one wants to try it. So I am glad Lane and Mike came up to experience it. BUT! I am not happy a Californian won! 🙂 This is our turf! Oh well. That just means I will be very ready to win on their turf next year. Look out gang! A lot can happen in a year!

For the team event, we got slaughtered by the darn juniors. The Bad Apples. Their photo at right. (From left to right – Bob, the match director, Stephen Smoots, Michael Storer, Brianna Rachinski, Trevor Massey and Kelly Bachand.) Their coach Kelly just read the wind so well. Not to mention the shooters were on perfect form. Of course I have to mention that Brianna, the one gal on the team, had the best score of her team. You go girl! Brianna is 13 and just started this last summer. We all need to be on alert. She is coming on fast and strong! Now about Kozmo.

Kozmo gets to hang out in the truck at the range while we are shooting. The night before we had a huge dinner at a B-bque place in town. I had half a slab of ribs left over that had a super spicy sauce on them. I put the container in our lunch bag to snack on throughout the day. Well, “Special K” decided to help himself. We came back and found he had eaten everything! Bones and all! All I am going to say is that it was a long night. What do I expect? Yummy smelling meat in an easily accessible place? Duh!

Congrats everyone. It was a fun time. We survived “The Snake” once again.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can…….”

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