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Yesterday I drove up to Bellingham to Plantation Rifle Club for the Robin Hood State match. It is a 300 yard match with condensed 600 yard targets. I am telling you those little targets are tough. The X ring is the size of a silver dollar. There were 4 strings of 20 shots for record. Normally there are only 3 strings to a match. I think yesterday was the coldest day of the year. Raining. Freezing. Windy. Lovely.

I cleaned 1st, 2nd and 3rd Strings. But Jennifer and David (young whipper snappers shown in photo) were way ahead of me by X counts. These two are amazing shooters! I thought I would never win this. I can’t catch up. When I was done shooting my last shot of the 3rd string, David came up to me and said I was the only one who cleaned it. They all dropped one point! Now I have to clean string 4 to win the whole thing! X count would not matter at that point! How exciting, my first overall win of a big tournament! Did I make it?

No. The last string I dropped one point. A high 9. I did not call it at all. It was my ammo. I swear! 🙂 (That story next) I was fighting all day and holding hard to keep bullets from flying out of the 10 ring. That one did get away. My heart just sank. Yes, I still tied for 1st but came back down to 3rd place because they had more X’s than I did. I still got many pats on the back. I need to remember that I only dropped one point out of 800! That is a record for me. WOW! Cool!

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……….”

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