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ND – Negligent Discharge. This used to be called AD, Accidental Discharge. But really? Is it an accident? Yes, but a negligent accident perhaps. The term was changed to ND. In the last two weeks two episodes of Negligent Discharges have occurred in my world. I promise you it was not myself or Charles.

Episode #1 – The first was from “a friend” (name changed to protect the “guilty”) who was working at his
loading bench. He was making ammunition for a .240 rifle.
He was measuring the head space and put a real round in to see what the distance to the lands was. He says he closed the bolt and the gun went off. One never knows how that
happens. Did he unknowingly have finger in trigger? The bullet
 went in to his Hornady progressive press. Photos at right – entry point and exit point. Ouch. Thank goodness it hit that. It would have gone through the wall and in to his garage and in to his car.  Most of all thank goodness it would have only done even that damage.

Episode #2 – At the range last Friday was an ND in the security storage room. A person was clearing their gun at the end of the day to put away and thought it was cleared and pointed it straight toward the wall to dry fire it or put the hammer down and “Kaboom”. Unfortunately a customer’s private full size gun safe was in the way. A nice big hole in that. (photo at right) Thank goodness again the wall behind was cement. How do these things happen? One explanation is that “Murphy never sleeps”.

Again. Rule #1 – All Firearms are loaded.

“Shoot Like A Girl! If You Can……..”

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