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Ok, ok. I will get a lot of flack for this comment. But come on. I can hit the X ring at 1000yds with iron sites. So, you SHOULD be able to hit it with a scope. Yes, scopes are fun.

I suppose I need to describe my shooting disciplines. I compete in 2 categories of high-power. First is with my AR15 in Across The Course matches. At 200 yards we shoot slow offhand and the 2 strings of rapid fire seated. We move back to 300 yards and shoot rapid prone. Back to 600 yards and we shoot slow prone. Once again, all iron sights. No scopes. Currently I have a Master rating for this category. My other category is my favorite.

My highest skill level lies with my long range rifle. I have a custom made bolt action, 30 caliber rifle. This rifle is stunning. And accurate! Made from gorgeous wood by a local man named Jim Cloward. He makes amazing big game rifles and in his day was a top national shooter and has quite the trophy room of big game hunting.  I shoot this rifle from 500 to 1000yards. Iron sites. No scopes. With this rifle I have a High Master rating which is the highest national rating. No scopes!

“Shoot like a girl! If you can…………”

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