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Photo Courtesy of The Seattle Times

Last Saturday Seattle offered for the first time in 20 years a gun buyback day. At a spot under the I-5 corridor they set up some tables and barrels and had about $80,000 in donated gift cards to give away. In only a couple of hours they ran out of the gift cards. The line of cars blocked traffic and some waited up to two hours to turn in their firearms. Only a couple of feet away were dealers and collectors with their own cash stations and signs offering to give more money for people’s firearms. So who wins here? Depends on who you talk to.

The buyback brought in about 160 firearms. “Some” of which were “assault weapons”. (You know I don’t call them that the media does). As you can see in the photos most of the firearms turned in are not the “scary” black rifles they were hoping would appear. Not even handguns were turned in. A majority of the people had very old 22LRs or shotguns or antiques that they never knew what to do with. But the local officials feel it was a success because they ran out of cards so quickly. Our Mayor thinks this will help in overall gun violence to get even a few guns off the streets. But these guns weren’t on the streets. These were in civilian’s houses. The Mayor believes it will keep accidents from happening and thefts of guns that can be used for crimes. Have we not gone over this so many times till we are blue in the face? How much can we keep beating the dead horse?

We have the statistics that even the police chief and local officials admit that the last buyback 20 years ago did nothing for crime rates. IN FACT, “the last time a buy-back program was held in Seattle – in 1992 – about 1,100 weapons were turned in. But in the six months that followed, the average number of firearms-related homicides increased. The mean number of firearms-related assaults in Seattle also increased, as did the mean number of robberies with guns. Even the average number of accidental shooting deaths more than doubled, according to data in a government journal.” according to KOMO News. Perhaps it is better that people with zero knowledge of the firearms sitting in their closets turned them in. But we all know not a single bad guy turned in their guns. Nor will they ever voluntarily. What I find very funny is that they paid someone a gift card for turning in a used “military rocket launcher”. Really people? It is an empty plastic tube! A tube! Once fired it can never be used again. A one time deal. This was probably a former service guy that took one home with him because it was cool. But it is not a weapon anymore at this point. It is a tube. Not even worth the $100 the police paid for it. I was thinking what a great DIY project could be had with one of those for my many Pinterest followers. (Note to self – next blog is “creative craft projects made with your leftover RPGs!”) What frightened me is that when asked by a reporter if the RPG still worked the police said “they weren’t sure”. God help us.

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All 4 photos are courtesy of The Seattle Times


Photo Courtesy of The Seattle Times


Photo courtesy of The Seattle Times


Photo courtesy of The Seattle Times

11 Responses to “Seattle’s Gun Buyback – Boom or Bust?”

    • melissa

      i have a LAW and an AT4, which i have converted into a potato launcher (at4, which translates to 84mm) and my trusty 4th of july mortar launcher. didn’t know that it would be such a big news story to have possession of some pieces of plastic that once shot a projectile….guess i will keep them out of the public eye…………..

  1. Adam

    Gun Buybacks are useless…. Australia spent $500,000,000 and got a total of 650,000 firearms… 450,000 being semi auto and pump actions.. ALL from people who could no longer legally own them… And what the Australian government wont tell you but is available if you do the research, is that Australian Customs has on record that theres still 3,000,000 semi autos and pump actions out there, illegally…

  2. Dan

    The main issue I have with gun buybacks is their dirty little secret…. They resell the guns. I have bought literally a couple of dozen post buyback guns from police departments. Even the departments that “destroy” the guns merely destroy the receiver and then sell the rest as a “parts kit” gunbroker has about 10 pages of those. Sadly because of a lack of ballistic testing done at buybacks murder weapons have their incriminating barrels resold to unsuspecting people.

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