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NRAW_Instagram Anette WachterIt has been a couple of months and I almost forgot about it. A video crew from the NRA Women’s News flew out to Seattle and filmed a series of my Tips for their online women’s Tips & Tactics program. As usual for the pacific NW, it greeted them with pouring down rain for the two days they were here. So the first day and a half we worked indoors at the local Wade’s and West Coast Armory. Finally the skies cleared up and we were able to film a couple of episodes outside at the range. I had a great time but had no idea how they were going to turn out. They obviously have a great editing team. I am my own worst critic and even I love every episode. This is the first of 6. I hope you enjoy them. Some are definitely catered to women, ie the episode called “Marking your gear” but most can be enjoyed by anyone. Thank you NRA for this opportunity. It was a ton of fun. And I get my few minutes of “fame”. 🙂

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  1. D.P. Van Blaricom

    Just like I was trained in USMC boot camp at Camp Matthews 62 years ago at age 17 – some things never change!

    • 30calgal

      Hi Mark, Actually it’s not straight. I just put in a Huber Concepts two-stage that I love. It is curved. I do however have a new straight trigger in my 308 semi-auto and I love it. Still trying to figure out why I love it in detail. 🙂

  2. Les Tardiff

    Great explanation. This is my next step in getting my wife off of the bench shooting into the prone position. Nice video and you did well with the narration.

    • 30calgal

      Hi Les,

      I just did a post about that topic right before this one. Wine and dine her, bribe, mention it means the world to you and your relationship to have a hobby together and to try it once. I suggest she learn basics from someone else first like a class so there is no frustration. THe match last weekend had 5 couples shooting together as teams. It was great to see.

  3. Pete Sheppard

    Good video. This is also what is meant by ‘taking up slack’ in the trigger. Thanks!
    Sorry if this comes out as a duplicate post–I wanted to be sure I get notifications of posts!

  4. raoul

    Hey 30 Cal Gal, ever been on the firing line at an Appleseed rifle clinic?
    If so, did you earn the Rifleman’s patch?
    I think it would be cool to see an episode filmed where you got a bunch of other gals who want to improve their rifle skills together for an all female(RWVA instructors included) Ladyseed.


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